DMFT: From Infinite Dimensions to Real Materials

Lecture notes of the Autumn School on Correlated Electrons 2018
  1. Dieter Vollhardt
    From Infinite Dimensions to Real Materials
  2. Ole Andersen
    From Materials to Models: Deriving Insight from Bands
  3. Ferdi Aryasetiawan
    Effective Electron-Electron Interaction in Many-Electron Systems
  4. Marcus Kollar
    The Foundations of Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
  5. Michael Potthoff
    Cluster Extensions of Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
  6. Frank Lechermann
    Charge Self-Consistency in Correlated Electronic Structure Calculations
  7. Eva Pavarini
    LDA+DMFT: Multi-Orbital Hubbard Models
  8. Hao Tjeng
    Determining Orbital Wavefunctions using Core-Level Non-Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
  9. Hans Gerd Evertz
    DMRG for Multiband Impurity Solvers
  10. Fakher Assaad
    Quantum Monte Carlo Methods for Fermion-Boson Problems
  11. Erik Koch
    Analytic Continuation of Quantum Monte Carlo Data
  12. Hartmut Hafermann
    Introduction to Diagrammatic Approaches
  13. Thomas Maier
    Dynamical Mean-Field and Dynamical Cluster Approximation Based Theory of Superconductivity
  14. Karsten Held
    Quantum Criticality and Superconductivity in Diagrammatic Extensions of DMFT
  15. Martin Eckstein
    Correlated Electrons out of Equilibrium: Non-Equilibrium DMFT

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book cover The lecture notes have been published as a book:

Eva Pavarini, Erik Koch, Alexander Lichtenstein, and Dieter Vollhardt (eds.)
DMFT: From Infinite Dimensions to Real Materials
Modeling and Simulation, Vol. 8
Verlag des Forschungszentrum Jülich, 2018
ISBN 978-3-95806-313-6

Autumn School on Correlated Electrons

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