Many-Body Methods for Real Materials

Lecture slides of the Autumn School on Correlated Electrons 2019
  1. Xavier Blase
    Introduction to Density Functional Theory
  2. Xinguo Ren
    The Random Phase Approximation and its Application to Real Materials
  3. Cyrus Umrigar
    Introduction to Variational and Projector Monte Carlo
  4. Arne Lüchow
    Optimized Quantum Monte Carlo Wave Functions
  5. Federico Becca
    Variational Wave Functions for Strongly Correlated Fermionic Systems
  6. Shiwei Zhang
    Auxiliary-Field Quantum Monte Carlo at Zero- and Finite-Temperature
  7. Erik Koch
    Exact Diagonalization and Lanczos Method
  8. Miles Stoudenmire
    Quantum Chemistry DMRG in a Local Basis
  9. Karen Hallberg
    Density Matrix Renormalization
  10. Marcelo Rozenberg
    Dynamical Mean-Field Theory and Mott Transition
  11. Eva Pavarini
    Dynamical Mean-Field Theory for Materials
  12. Robert Eder
    Analytic Properties of Self-Energy and Luttinger-Ward Functional
  13. James Freericks
    Introduction to Many-Body Green Functions In and Out Of Equilibrium
  14. Andrea Donarini
    Electronic Transport in Correlated Single Molecule Junctions
  15. Nikolay Prokof'ev
    Diagrammatic Monte Carlo
  16. Anders Sandvik
    Stochastic Series Expansion Methods
  17. Gerardo Ortiz
    Algebraic Methods in Many-Body Physics

Autumn School on Correlated Electrons

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