The Physics of Correlated Insulators, Metals, and Superconductors

Lecture notes of the Autumn School on Correlated Electrons 2017
  1. Richard Martin
    Electronic Structure Computation Meets Strong Correlation: Guiding Principles
  2. Richard Scalettar
    Insulator, Metal, or Superconductor: The Criteria
  3. Raffaele Resta
    The Insulating State of Matter: A Geometrical Theory
  4. Erik Koch
    Exchange Mechanisms
  5. Andrzej Oleś
    Orbital Physics
  6. Robert Eder
    Introduction to the Hubbard Model
  7. Peter Prelovšek
    The Finite Temperature Lanczos Method and its Applications
  8. Florian Gebhard
    Gutzwiller Density Functional Theory
  9. Eva Pavarini
    Mott transition: DFT+U vs. DFT+DMFT
  10. Alexander Lichtenstein
    Path Integrals and Dual Fermions
  11. Václav Janiš
    Dynamical Mean-Field Theory of Disordered Electrons: Coherent Potential Approximation and Beyond
  12. Johann Kroha
    Interplay of Kondo Effect and RKKY Interaction
  13. Michele Fabrizio
    Kondo Physics and the Mott Transition
  14. Luca de' Medici
    Hund's Metals Explained
  15. Rolf Heid
    Electron-Phonon Coupling
  16. Antonio Sanna
    Introduction to Superconducting Density Functional Theory

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book cover The lecture notes have been published as a book:

Eva Pavarini, Erik Koch, Richard Scalettar, and Richard Martin (eds.)
The Physics of Correlated Insulators, Metals, and Superconductors
Modeling and Simulation, Vol. 7
Verlag des Forschungszentrum Jülich, 2017
ISBN 978-3-95806-224-5

Autumn School on Correlated Electrons

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