Dynamical Mean-Field Theory of Correlated Electrons

Lecture slides of the Autumn School on Correlated Electrons 2022
  1. Dieter Vollhardt
    Why Calculate in Infinite Dimensions?
  2. Giovanni Vignale
    Fermi Liquids
  3. Jan von Delft
    The Physics of Quantum Impurity Models
  4. Cedric Weber
    Machine Learning as a Solver for DMFT
  5. Philipp Werner
    Quantum Monte Carlo Impurity Solvers
  6. Erik Koch
    Analytic Continuation of Quantum Monte Carlo Data
  7. Alexander Lichtenstein
    LDA+DMFT for Strongly Correlated Materials
  8. Eva Pavarini
    DMFT for Linear Response Functions
  9. Frank Lechermann
    DFT+DMFT for Oxide Heterostructures
  10. Michael Potthoff
    Dynamical Mean-Field Theory for Correlated Topological Phases
  11. Karsten Held
    Beyond DMFT: Spin Fluctuations, Pseudogaps and Superconductivity
  12. Martin Eckstein
    DMFT and GW+DMFT for Systems out of Equilibrium

Autumn School on Correlated Electrons

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