Autumn School on Correlated Electrons:
Simulating Correlations with Computers

20-24 Sept 2021, Forschungszentrum Jülich

Registration (deadline: 31 May 2021)
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  • The recommended accommodation is the Aachen Youth Hostel. Please indicate below if we should make a reservation for you. Otherwise you have to arrange a hotel room for yourself in Aachen or J├╝lich.
    We will provide bus transfer between Youth Hostel and Forschungszentrum.
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  • We have a limited number of grants to cover accommodation and meals in the Youth Hostel.

  • In addition we might be able to offer some ICAM Junior Travel Awards which in addition cover travel expenses. To qualify for a Travel Award, you need to be member of an ICAM node or your application should be endorsed by a member of an ICAM node. In in either case please specify the relevant ICAM node and your contact person.
  • We plan for a poster session that allows students to acquaint each other with what they are working on. If you want to present a poster, please provide the title.
  • The school is planned to take place in presence. Should this prove not feasible it will move to a on-line event. The final decision will be taken within the deadline for registrations. All registered participants will be informed by email.
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